Last premiere of FikAW at In the Pink was a great success. We had a bunch of people coming and enjoying a night with fika. Since then there has been multiple requests when the next one will take place. It’s time for the second FikAW in Malmö, this time at Djäkne Kaffebar.

+ Book release & signing of Alaine Handas ’In Search of Chokladbollar’
Joining us this night will also Alaine Handa do, with the release of her book ”In Search of Chokladbollar”, which you can have a look at and get your hands on, of course signed personally to you by Alaine herself. There is also a rumor that she will bring her homemade chokladbollar to try out at the event. The rumor is true!

What is FikAW?

FikAW is a new networking and mingle-concept, free and open for anyone. At traditional after works alcohol is often the main beverage of choice, FikAW is the breakthrough switching over networking to fika and coffee instead.

In other words, you can get home full of energy and caffeine instead of drowsiness. No hangovers involved!

At Vol II you can expect:

  • Mingle with friends or other people in a fika enviroment
  • Book signing and pre release of Alaine Handas ’In Search of Chokladbollar’. Also tasting of her homemade chocolate balls will take place.
  • Unique after work fika menu with food & drinks by Djäkne Kaffebar
  • Free FikAW Coffee available, in courtesy of Djäkne Kaffebar


Partners & Sponsors: Allt om Gastronomi, & Djäkne Kaffebar.

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